Watch UCC civil engineering grads in the workplace

Meet three civil engineering graduates who came to the program determined to change their lives and who are now working for Orenco Systems Inc. of Sutherlin, the city of Eugene and in the Grants Pass office of ZCS Engineering Inc., which his also located in Klamath Falls, Oregon City and Medford.

The field of civil engineering deals with planning, design, construction, and maintenance of private and public projects. These projects include highways, bridges, dams, subdivisions, water supply and waste systems.

Hear Garry-Lee Espinosa, Litahni Harlow and Lucas Gowey explain how their UCC training prepared them for new careers — and listen to what their employers have to say about how UCC’s civil engineering program produces students who are ready to go to work.

We appreciate UCC’s role in sharing the DCPSS mission of helping our each of our students map and reach a personally rewarding future. Find out program details by going here.

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