‘Rock’ this new Facebook Group

CTE and STEAM advocates invited to join forum

Do you “Wanna Rock”? As highlighted in Facebook’s Super Bowl ad this year, Facebook groups have become quite ubiquitous and specialized. The ad, backed by the Twisted Sister tune “I Wanna Rock,” featured groups ranging from experimental rocketry fans to strongman competitors.

Facebook groups can be a great way to connect with likeminded folks and share ideas and inspiration. With that in mind, Douglas County Partners for Student Success has created a new Facebook group. The DCPSS & Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub Group is aimed at developing a forum where STEAM and Career and Technical Education advocates can join forces and collaborate.

There are so many amazing activities, teaching strategies and learning opportunities going on inside and outside of Douglas County classrooms. We’re hoping this group will allow educators to connect and highlight the work they’re doing in STEAM and CTE so that, ultimately, all students will benefit.

We want to keep this forum a positive and safe place to share ideas, so please check out our rules of engagement to see how we plan to keep the conversation educational and respectful.

This is a private group, so only the DCPSS administrators and fellow group members will have access to your posts. Find us on Facebook and join in the fun! We want to see the incredible work you’re doing.

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