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STEAM Hub library lends materials to educators in and out of school

Shakespeare’s characters didn’t always give good advice.

In “Hamlet,” Polonius famously warns, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” That may be wise in certain situations, but if we all kept to it all the time, there would be no Umpqua Valley Resource Library.

That would be a shame, because the Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub has many nifty educational items to lend. And Hub leaders are looking for a few good borrowers to take advantage of them.

The resource lending library is open to all educators in and out of schools. So its materials are available not only to classroom teachers, but also to adults connected to the Umpqua Valley Boys and Girls Clubs, the Boy and Girl Scouts, the YMCA of Douglas County and many more eligible borrowers.

Best news of all: Materials are available for free!


Educators attending an Oct. 22 training session at Umpqua Community College use materials from the Umpqua Valley Resource Library.

Here’s just a sample of the inventory that can be reserved for checkout: a wind energy kit, a K’Nex solar car skit, a blood pressure sensor, a differential voltage probe, a Lab Quest charging station, a cordless LED microscope, a hand-grip heart rate monitor and several reference materials.

To see a full list of items in the resource lending library, visit You’ll need to create an account that, once approved, will give access to the list of equipment as well as reservation request forms. In addition, there’s contact information that will put you in touch with a STEAM Hub coordinator who can supply ideas for how to incorporate the resources into lessons in or out of classrooms.

(Registration information will never be used for mailing lists or other commercial purposes.)

Most materials are available for a week, though other arrangements are possible. In most cases, borrowers will need to arrange to pick up items at Umpqua Community College. However, coordinators will work hard to keep logistics from being a barrier to borrowing.

Visit and take a look at what the resource lending library has to offer. We predict you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!


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