Capable crusaders

Education Matters has a mission that’s open to all

As 2018 gathers momentum, the year is still young enough to hail fresh starts and forward strides.  When better to renew our pledge to a campaign that is youth-focused, but timeless?

The Education Matters campaign has been a call to action since the earliest days of Douglas County Partners for Student Success. The crusade was founded on a simple premise: All education, from cradle to career, matters. All education is valuable and worthy of adopting as a lifelong pursuit. Moreover, these goals are appropriate not only for parents to instill in their children, but also for communities to encourage among their citizens.

That last reminder is important, because it’s all too easy to see the Education Matters message as one directed to kids alone. However, we know that to foster and build on countywide, long-term student success, it’s going to take teams who reach out to each other and share strategies. Education Matters is all about connections.

Many groups in and around Douglas County are doing fantastic work to engage children in choices that help move them to brighter futures with purpose. The Blue Zones Project, the Strive for Five or Less absentee campaign, the practice of Conscious Discipline, a growing understanding of the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences study– these are just a few of the efforts and programs that are having an impact on our communities.

The mission of Education Matters is to celebrate those successes, but also highlight the connections between them and others doing this vital work. Just as a rope gains strength from many strands, so do we all increase effectiveness by pooling our energies toward a shared goal.

The Education Matters campaign is inclusive. There are roles for everyone – students, parents, other family members, educators, business and industry, nonprofit groups and community leaders.

With this call to action, the natural response is to ask questions. What can I do? How do I support kids in Douglas County? Stand by as we demonstrate, in the weeks and months ahead, how there is room for everyone at the table as we support our kids, our businesses, our towns and our shared goals.

We invite you to read about the campaign on the DCPSS website at, and to visit us on Facebook at Follow us on our Twitter feed at @uvSTEAMhub.

Education Matters: Your Choice. Your Future. Act Now.


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