We envision a future where:

Each child in Douglas County will receive effective and meaningful support to achieve economic and social success by graduating high school, completing post-secondary education and/or entering a career.

DCPSS exists to facilitate the transformation of the way we work together collectively to accomplish common goals.

We are committed to these goals:

Each child:

  • Is Healthy and Ready for Kindergarten
  • Has Supports In and Out of School to be Successful
  • Leaves High School Ready for Post-Secondary Education and/or Career
  • Completes a Post-Secondary Degree, Career Credential or training needed for personal well-being


Our Collective Understandings include:

Community Responsibility

  • DCPSS believe that the success of each child in Douglas County is dependent on the collective efforts of all working together, across sectors, and along the educational continuum, to drive better results in education and personal well-being.
  • DCPSS believe supporting our children is a commitment that extends from birth to career.
  • Each partner plays a role in supporting the message that high-quality education is a right and value for all children.

Effective and Meaningful Support

  • DCPSS recognizes that multiple paths exist for students to achieve high school graduation or its equivalent. They include a standard diploma, modified diploma, GED, Adult High School Diploma and industry recognized certifications.
  • DCPSS is committed to identify additional supports and pathways necessary for success for all students with diverse needs (students with physical, emotional, cognitive, economic, and language barriers)
  • The holistic educational journey of a child includes cognitive, social, emotional and physical well-being.
  • DCPSS believe that children thrive when they are safe, challenged, healthy, engaged and supported.

Post-Secondary Education

  • DCPSS value and support post-secondary education to include college degrees, certificates, technical credentials, on-the-job training, and military training.


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