Inviting a Youth Invasion

Douglas County students eager to learn more about career opportunities in city government may be able to see some of those jobs in action next year, if Roseburg City Manager Lance Colley and others are able to organize visits modeled on the Oct. 23 Youth Invasion at the Hillsboro Civic Center.

Hillsboro’s Youth Invasion allowed about 300 students to explore careers in public works and city government by visiting sites and meeting with employees during their shifts. Colley, who attended Hillsboro’s gathering, said the idea is to bring students to tour “different parts of city government and other places where people don’t really think about that offer good, competitive jobs and opportunities.”

Colley said he’s hoping to start a sort of “mini invasion” in the spring that would bring Elkton High students to Roseburg City Hall. By fall, Colley said he hopes to have another such event for Roseburg High School students. He’s also prepared to share the idea with other city managers within Douglas County.

“Not all of us provide the same services, but local governments around the state and country can provide an incredible amount of community service through these types of programs and opportunities,” Colley said.

The City of Roseburg and Lance Colley are DCPSS partners, active on the steering and executive committees.

Learn more about the City of Roseburg on its website HERE.