STEAM & Douglas ESD present classes on Next Generation Science Standards

It’s full STEAM ahead for emerging leaders in science and technology education as they gather for professional development on three Saturdays over a three-month span at Umpqua Community College. These classes are available to all who work with youth, including teachers and club leaders and coaches.

Setting the Stage for STEAM Education Using the Next Generation Science Standards will begin March 7 and is presented by Douglas ESD and the Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub, a project of Douglas County Partners for Student Success. The hub focuses on STEM education subjects – science, technology, engineering and math — with the addition of “A” to reflect the art component that’s used in creatively linking them.

All sessions are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with the first one taking place in Rooms 119 and 120 of the campus Technology Building. The April 18 and June 13 sessions will be held at the Danny Lang Teaching, Learning and Event Center. Lunch will be served at each session.

The purpose of the workshop is to develop a shared understanding of the role of STEAM learning experiences, as well as to develop a shared commitment to providing those experiences for all Douglas County youth, both in and out of school. Participants will also come away with ideas for launching related learning experiences to support youth in their own communities.

There’s no charge to attend and anyone who can come is welcome. Douglas County residents who attends all three trainings will receive $100 for materials and a $450 stipend.

Use the attached link to register . Capacity is 30 people, so early registration is advised. Register HERE!