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Partners’ Post April 2018

Partners' Post April 2018

Cooking up a career

Cooking up a career RHS culinary student finds inspiration, career guidance One of the goals of Douglas County Partners for Student Success is to show students the wide world of opportunity that awaits them after graduation. Tools like Career and Technical Education experiences and STEAM education allow us


Five career-planning strategies for students

Five career-planning strategies for students Preparing to choose an occupation is no overnight task. It requires preteens and teens to envision work that will engage them, to research what it will take to qualify for that work and to carry out the steps to make it happen. Some


Workshop sparks up September

Workshop sparks up September Start the school year with a cascade of sparks by enrolling in a free Sept. 18 session in Roseburg called “Building Developmental Relationships with Youth We Serve.” Adults taking part in a June 15 workshop were so enthusiastic about the topic, this second gathering