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Five student-boosting topics worth a second look

Here are some articles we’ve been sharing in social media this summer. The messages are so helpful, we think they deserve an encore. Peruse away, and take note of whatever is helpful! 1. On career guidance:   One career consultant who maintains that 25 percent of youth are


Workshop builds strong adult-youth links

Workshop focuses on how to build strong adult-youth links We asked; they answered! Attendees at a June 15 workshop, “Building Developmental Relationships With Youth We Serve,” used index cards to tell us what they learned that day at the Ford Family Foundation. “If everyone realized the small differences


Acquiring 21st-century skills

Acquiring 21st-century skills  Here’s someone else’s take on what’s needed for tomorrow’s workforce:


Mobile Science and Engineering Summer Camp

Mobile Science and Engineering Summer Camp Students at participating schools who are just finishing the sixth, seventh or eighth grades will be learning about STEAM-related careers and completing hands-on activities in a couple of free two-day camps led by students of Oregon State University, with assistance from Umpqua