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2017 STEAM Extravaganza

2017 STEAM Extravaganza

Thank you to all who volunteered, organized, and participated in the 2017 STEAM Extravaganza!

Photos by Michael Sullivan of The News-Review and Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub

The first annual STEAM Extravaganza was a well attended and exciting event!

Our expectations for attendance were well exceeded, with over 200 people attending the event! Those who came saw animals from Wildlife Safari, experimented with force and strength, flew drones (when the wind allowed) and raced solar cars (when the sun allowed). We built structures with concrete, created fuse bead masterpieces, learned how to draw with a 3D pen, tested our knowledge of UCC trivia, and maybe even did a few push ups. There were electric-assist bicycles, a solar oven, microscopes to view bacteria and mitosis, observatory tours, robots play catch, fish-printing, and much more.

We look forward to next years event, which we believe will be even bigger and better.

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What is the STEAM Extravaganza?

We’re thinking of it as a gathering to showcase activities and connections Douglas County folks are making in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, with artful innovation tying it all together. It will be a family-fun day for all ages, highlighting efforts and projects of schools, clubs, nonprofit groups, businesses and other organizations. We will provide tours of UCC sites involved in STEAM education, and information on numerous UCC STEAM-related courses that lead directly to dynamic jobs.

We have a STEAM identity in Douglas County, and we're looking to expand it.
Part of the Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub’s mission is to build on an existing STEAM foundation that can revitalize our community, educationally as well as economically. “Not everybody realizes that we have a STEAM identity in Douglas County, and we’re looking to expand it,” said STEAM Hub Project Coordinator Grace Goodson. “There is a lot of cool stuff going on; we want to make sure everybody knows it.”

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