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Art supplies cross-pollination

Art supplies cross-pollination           Without the artistic “A,” STEM can be a string of isolated subjects   Last summer, the Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub adopted a logo with symbols depicting the five letters and elements that comprise the group’s acronym. A computer screen atop a cell phone stands for


Lessons from the ground up

Lessons from the ground up Our Place on Earth offers outdoor curriculum for South County students   Walk into the Alder Creek Community Forest on a school day, and a lot can be happening beyond the next fir. Myrtle Creek third-graders sift through samples of clay, sand and


Vroom into brain-building

Vroom into brain-building Every baby is born with a brain containing hundreds of billions of neurons. When those cells begin to make connections, a process begins that sets the foundation for learning throughout the child’s lifetime. Parents and caregivers may be daunted at the prospect of shaping a


‘Gracious’ robots get marching

‘Gracious’ robots get marching The Southern Oregon First Tech Challenge assembles for league competitions When these ‘bots gear up, it’s in the name of cooperation, not elimination. Members of Southern Oregon First Tech Challenge are gathering in November and December for practices and league meets in the Umpqua