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Partner Profiles: Roseburg Forest Products

Harvesting precision workers Douglas County’s largest private employer seeks stable, homegrown workforce by reaching into area schools Roseburg Forest Products didn’t survive the Great Recession by ignoring the need to change with the times. As social, political and economic forces reshaped the timber industry in recent decades, company


Partner Profiles: Area Health Education Center

Filling the prescription for health care occupations Area Health Education Center of Southwest Oregon looks ahead to recruit young professionals now Shared goals are a great starting point for allies. Comparing the objectives of DCPSS with those of the Roseburg-based Area Health Education Center of Southwest Oregon demonstrates a


Social Marketing Campaign: Education Matters

Education Matters. Your Choice. Your Future. Act Now. Moving the needle for countywide, long-term student success is going to take a team – one might even fall back on that oft-repeated and true trope “It takes a village to raise a child.” Our social marketing campaign aims to


Partner Profiles: City of Roseburg

Photos courtesy of the City of Roseburg. Learn more about the City of Roseburg on its website HERE. We attempt to publish a feature story about our DCPSS partners every month. Keep checking back to learn more about our partners, their work in the community and with DCPSS.