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Art supplies cross-pollination

Art supplies cross-pollination           Without the artistic “A,” STEM can be a string of isolated subjects   Last summer, the Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub adopted a logo with symbols depicting the five letters and elements that comprise the group’s acronym. A computer screen atop a cell phone stands for


Five career-planning strategies for students

Five career-planning strategies for students Preparing to choose an occupation is no overnight task. It requires preteens and teens to envision work that will engage them, to research what it will take to qualify for that work and to carry out the steps to make it happen. Some


Changing scarcity to abundance

Douglas County’s glass isn’t half empty OR half full; it’s brimming Let’s talk for a minute about Charles Dickens. Though he was writing for a 19th-century audience, the English author introduced images familiar to us almost 200 years later. Think of Oliver Twist holding up his empty bowl


Fair “scavengers” claim prizes

Hunt designed for fun but also sends Education Matters message Thanks to the generosity of sponsors and partners, 22 families emerged as winners after visiting the Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub’s booth at the Douglas County Fair last month. The STEAM Hub organized a scavenger hunt from its booth