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Summer Institute

Pre-registration available for the Umpqua STEAM Institute

The Umpqua STEAM Institute will once again be held at Umpqua Community College. During the week of August 13-17, we will be holding three-hour, full-day and multi-day sessions across multiple topics including Family STEAM nights, Project-Based Learning, Teaching with the Next Generation Science Standards, Using Vernier Tools in the Classroom, Using GIS Mapping, STEAM and Early Childhood, Math in Real Life, Art-full STEAM Learning, Using Oregon Connections to Promote STEAM Careers, Making Use of the STEAM Resource Lending Library and more.

All participants will receive a stipend of $50 per three-hour workshop to a maximum of $200. You may attend as many workshops as you would like. Morning pastries and lunch will also be served.

We are still creating the schedule, so for now, please pre-register directly in the google form indicating your interest in attending at least one workshop. We will contact you for finalize registration when the schedule is completed.

Here are the workshops offered at last summer’s STEAM Institute:

Let’s Explore Oregon! The Oregon Explorer Digital Library

Introduction to Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning – Project Slice/Planning

Oregon Connections: A web-based system to connect educators with professionals and industry

Supplement Common Core Math with Games for K-8

GLOBE: A Collaborative K-12 Online Field Science Curriculum, 2 Sessions

Stream Simulator: Use it with your students!

Next Generation Science Standards: Lesson Studies

Growth Mindset in STEAM Education

Basic Astronomy and Stargazing at the UCC Observatory

Family STEAM Nights (P-8)

Telling Science Stories with Maps: Spatial Data and ArcGIS Online, 3 Sessions

Resource Lending Library: Tools and how to use them

STEAM in Early Childhood

4-H Extension: STEAM Learning and Resources

Integrating the Arts in STEM

IRIS: How to use video coaching to improve your practice

Read course descriptions here.