Upcoming Professional Development Events

Education Practicum Placements – Sites Needed for Early Pre-Service Teachers for 60 Hour Practicums

Professional Development

Ongoing: STEM Happier Hour Chats – First and third Tuesday (4:05 pm to 4:50 pm) K-12 Educators, join informal gatherings designed to connect educators and tap into shared experience and expertise. Each session will have a theme and will provide time to connect in small grade-alike and/or district-similar (urban, rural, larger, smaller, etc.) groups as well as large group. SIgn up: https://bit.ly/3f9x4lx

8th Annual California STEAM Symposium on December 11 – 13, 2020 – Focus on Best Practices for Every Learning Environment! Excellent peer-led professional learning highlighting ideas, strategies, and innovations that work for ALL students. Our goal: Advancing STEAM Equity in All Learning Environments.Global Participation! Access to content: CA STEAM Symposium 

Ongoing – Cost-Free K-12 Earthquake Science Professional Development Opportunity: The University of Portland STEM Education and Outreach Center offers a self-paced on-line Cascadia Earthquake Education course. Cascadia Earthquake Education course.

OngoingNext Generation Science Standards (NGSS) – self paced and ongoing  Stanford NGSS Assessment Project

Cornell Labs (Creates innovative K-12 resources that build science skills while inspiring young people to connect to local habitats, explore biodiversity, and engage in citizen-science projects) Ongoing K-12 professional development opportunities: https://www.birds.cornell.edu/k12/professional-development/

Eastern Oregon REN Professional Development YouTube channel has been developed with videos on Zoom tips, virtual tools, and other tricks for distance learning. Check it out here and “subscribe” 

High School Science for All: the Patterns Approach distance learning resources and webinars.

The “STEM Innovation – High School Science for All” grant provides funding to pay for teacher time to attend the webinars.  All Oregon high school science teachers are eligible and welcome to attend and be paid for their time. Registration form.

High School Teachers

Presented by Portland Metro STEM Partnership:

High School Science – Distance Learning Resources

The Patterns High School Science Sequence