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Vroom into brain-building

Vroom into brain-building Every baby is born with a brain containing hundreds of billions of neurons. When those cells begin to make connections, a process begins that sets the foundation for learning throughout the child’s lifetime. Parents and caregivers may be daunted at the prospect of shaping a


Calling all adults who like robots!

Calling all adults who like robots! Robotics teams are growing in leaps and bounds across Douglas County. With that comes a need for adult volunteers to support teams and tournaments. This is a call for VOLUNTEERS to help a first-ever event at South Umpqua High School. Come “learn


Five career-planning strategies for students

Five career-planning strategies for students Preparing to choose an occupation is no overnight task. It requires preteens and teens to envision work that will engage them, to research what it will take to qualify for that work and to carry out the steps to make it happen. Some


“Together” at last

“Together” at last Cow Creek Umpqua Tribe’s children’s book spans generations, promotes early learning  The colors are vivid, the text is basic and the pages are sized just right for little hands. But “Takelma Together” is more than a simple children’s book. It’s an example of how a